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Private Carcase Butchering

We take pride in being able to butcher and pack your animal to your own specifications. Both our Cutting Rooms hold a full EC Licence, so you are sure of the very best standards. Choices from tray wrapping, and basic label, to Vacuum Sealing with a full price and date label.


Cattle have a set fee for the Abattoir, and then we charge for cutting and packing the carcase however it is required. Meat can be vacpacked or over-wrapped, and labels can include prices and your own heading name. trims can be minced, or turned into sausages and beefburgers. 


Lambs have a set fee for the Abattoir, and then we charge per kg deadweight. We can bone and roll the joints, create chops, cutlets and steaks, and use trims to make sausages or burgers.


Pigs have a set fee for the Abattoir, then we charge per kg deadweight to cut. Pork can be cut in a variety of different ways, and of course we can use any of the trim to make extra sausages. We have a number of flavours to suit all tastes.

This shows typical packaging of our private butchery. Sausages are always popular, and can be packed in any number and weight required. 



Sausages, burgers bacon, gammons etc. can all be produced and packed from your animal, these costs are extra.