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Our Farm

Our traditional family farm is based around the market towns of Aylsham and North Walsham in North Norfolk. We have a wide rotation of crops and utilise our pasture and environmentally sensitive grassland with our livestock.

Our production methods are traditional and complementary to the environment, the landscape and the wildlife that thrives around us.

We mainly rear young heifer cattle as we believe their tenderness and taste is the best. The cattle are finished with a cereal-based diet, further enhancing taste and flavour.

Our sheep flock grazes ryegrass leys and environmentally sensitive grassland areas in summer and catch crop roots in winter, producing high quality lambs.

Our pork is sourced from farms local to our abattoir. We only use the best female pigs to avoid any meat taint.

“Conception to Consumption”.

We run our business with passion and trust and hope you are passionate about what you eat and trust your local butcher.